I just finished re-reading the entire HP series.  (There are certain books I've read many times - 1 and 3, in particular.  But this is the first time I picked up book 1 and read straight through to book 7 without reading anything else, and only my second read of Books 5 and 7.  I am still not a huge fan of 5 because I hate Delores Umbridge with the same ferocity that I hate, say...George W. Bush and Rick Santorum).

Anyway, I have never been really interested in Harry Potter fic before, but now I'm curious.  Anybody on my flist have any HP fics or fic communities they can rec?  


From: [identity profile] boobsnotbombs.livejournal.com

Def. What ships interest you? What type of fic you looking for?

I hate Umbridge more than is natural to hate a completely fictional character. She might as well be Hitler.

From: [identity profile] zaftig-darling.livejournal.com

I think Harry /hermione or Harry / Ginny. Possibly Luna/Neville. A dark part of me is intrigued by the idea of bellatrix/voldemort, but I can't imagine anyone writing it so I doubt it exists.

I would be especially interested in future fics after the battle for Hogwarts, before the epilogue.

From: [identity profile] onceuponapillow.livejournal.com

I'm on my phone right now so I can't find all the direct links, but for now I can say [livejournal.com profile] parkergray has some great Harry/Hermione stuff.

-can't help with H/G or L/N. I ship G/D and L/R. I know I read a B/V drabble somewhere, I'll see if I can find it once I get home (I have a dark interest in them as well)

From: [identity profile] akld.livejournal.com

There's Harry/Ginny fic archieve: www.siye.co.uk/siye/ or general Harry Potter fic archieve: www.phoenixsong.net

From: [identity profile] boobsnotbombs.livejournal.com

Lol, our ships are totes different (me -- Draco/Harry, Draco/Hermione, Snape/Hermione). So I won't be of much help :/

But this is a pretty good rec community that's updated crazy frequently (it's multiship): http://crack-broom.livejournal.com/

It's nice because it's less to weed through, and most of the stuff on there tends to be well-written. Look, here's a goodish one that came up on there (Harry/Ginny): http://takingitinturns.livejournal.com/47213.html#cutid1



Also from there -- some frickin awesome fanart: http://corkart.livejournal.com/39293.html

From: [identity profile] zaftig-darling.livejournal.com

Okay, I'll admit I'm mildly intrigued by Draco/Hermione...rec me something good? (I think this ship sounds ripe for angry smut?)

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Hi! So I just stumbled upon your fic "Post Partum" again and then found my way here. Re: HP recs, like someone above me said, our tastes are totally different. But this HP site has something for everyone, and a lot of it's well-written: http://www.coffee-and-chocolate.com/

Are you by any chance still writing Post Partum? I know it was a million years ago and you've probably moved on, which is totally understandable. I just reread the latest chapter and fell in love all over again so it made me curious about what happened next :). Hope you're doing well and have found some good HP fic to read.

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