My 13 year old son appears to have a girlfriend. She has a very unusual first name, and beyond that I don't know much about her except for the fact that she plays the violin, which is how they met. (My son plays the viola. I wanted him to play the cello but I lost that argument, mostly when my husband pointed out that the monthly rental of a viola is significantly less than the monthly rental of a cello.).

At any rate my son just came into our bedroom and asked if he could go to a "SCAT" meeting with GirlWithUnusualName after school. Husband said yes and our son left the room. I dissolved into hysterical inappropriate giggles and said, "I can't believe our son's first girlfriend is such a pervert! That's disgusting." Then I laughed some more. Husband laughed good-naturedly and said I was the pervert.

Husband assures me that SCAT is a "community action team" that plans drug free events like dances and Halloween parties, and not a meeting of poop enthusiasts. I'm guessing it was named by the most naive members of the PTA.



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