Yesterday featured a video of Alan Rickman, in extreme slo-mo, making a cup of tea.  (Here is a link:

I use the phrase "making a cup of tea" loosely, because mostly this video makes me want to (tenderly) snatch his hand away from the tea bag and the luke warm water and shriek (tenderly), "THIS IS NOT HOW TEA IS PROPERLY MADE!!!!  WHY WOULD YOU COMMIT THIS CRIME AGAINST TEA???"  And then I want to boil some water and warm a teapot and make the man a whole pot of Irish Breakfast and him drink it. 

But, despite the relative dullness and tea abuse featured in the video, the comments below the article led me to the very happy discovery that Alan Rickman recorded "My Mistress Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun" for a compilation of Shakespeare's Sonnets. So of course I had to purchase this track from, and now I have listened to it three times and I have melted into a puddle in my office chair.  Here is a link to the track that someone (not me) has placed on youtube, so that you, too, can hear Snape read Shakespeare and melt into a puddle where ever you may be.  (



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