Since I started reading Harry Potter fanfiction (I guess about 8 months ago?  A year ago?) - I've been reading primarily Hermione-centric fics (Hermione/Snape, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Harry, maybe an occasional Hermione/Ron if it's particularly well-written) ...but something I read yesterday in a Snape-centric fic has caused a curious little plot bunny to start frolicking in my brain, and made me wonder - does anyone know of any fics in which Snape is actually Harry's father, rather than James?  (I haven't been reading in this fandom long enough to know - maybe this is an idea that been done to death, maybe there are eleventy-billion "Snape is Harry's father" fics and I just haven't found them because anything tagged 'Snape/Harry' makes me want to run away very, very.  (For some reason I am deeply, deeply creeped out by the Snape/Harry pairings - I see that it's a huge part of the HP fandom, but it's just...not for me.)  Anyway, if you know if there are any, particularly any really good ones - can you send me in the right direction?


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Hi! So I happened to google VM fic in a moment of nostalgia (I was etrnlscribbler waaaay back when, don't know if you remember me) and I found Post-Partum and then this entry. Still love Post-Partum, by the way, and the last chapter posted (17 I think) was just as hot on the re-read.

To answer your question... well I have a lot of answers, because Snape as Harry's father is, weirdly, kind of a fic kink of mine. My go-to website for them is It has some good and some really, really terrible - be warned.

I especially like the following (all in the Featured Stories section of the site):

Savior, In Blood Only, The Guiltless, Reading the Signs (love this one), Walk the Shadows (rape & trauma trigger warnings for that one -- I could not get through it, but it's well-written), Better Be Slytherin!, Life As Dictated By A Talking Hat (my favorite). Also Emerald Eyes and In Plain Sight are not bad.

Blood Magic is a fandom favorite -
Very AU after 4th year but just the premise you want.

My other epic favorite is Resonance (it has sequels but the first one is the best). It's here:

In general, if you google the term "Severitus fic," it's a common term for this particular kind of Severus-and-Harry family fic.

Hope you're doing well and still writing in some form.


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Thank you! This is really helpful, exactly what I wanted. I knew I couldn't be alone in wanting to read this kind of story!

Did you write a fic about Veronica being pregnant following Shelley Pomeroy's party? I know I read something by etrnlscribbler when I first got into VM.

Thanks again!

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Bo that wasn't me, but I wrote a liot of Kane family fic, a long LV fic called Unforgotten, a Lilly/Veronica novella called This Little Girl... I was more of a writer-lurker than a talker, so I flew a bit under the radar. So glad I could shar my ridiculously extensive knowledge of Severitus. :)

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My favorite in this category has always been "Blood Magic"--it's posted on Schnoogle. There are, as you probably could have expected, many "Snape is Harry's real father" fics--there was a prompt a number of years ago (at least 8 years ago, holy cow) and a number of people jumped on it. "Blood Magic" was the first fanfic of any type I ever read though, and the fact that it was excellent is probably why I kept reading, so I will always be grateful :)


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