Why in the name of all that is Apple does my iPad keep losing connection to the wireless network in my own d%€m house???

Nothing else in our home has this problem, certainly not my kindle, which makes me wonder if I shouldn't have just gotten a Kindle Fire...

I would blame Apple, but neither Mr.ZD's nor my son's iPod Touches have this problem.

Grr.  Also, I f*^%king hate iTunes.  (For music and audiobooks, anyway.  I kind of like it for tv and movies.). (For my music and audiobooks, I am holding on to my Zune until Microsoft absolutely stops supporting it to the point I can't make it work anymore.  I love my Zune, seriously.  Love. It.  Why doesn't iTunes work as seamlessly as Zune?????)

Sorry.  End of rant.  


From: [identity profile] bunney.livejournal.com

I just found out my sister has a Kindle Fire, so I quizzed her on the features and stuff. I really think I want one. I'd been wanting a tablet and I think that would suit me nicely. I just don't have the budget for an iPad, so the Kindle is a nice alternative.

And I loathe iTunes. Most user unfriendly piece of crap I've ever used.


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