Trying this again to deal with the weird text color issue...

Age - 39.  Sigh.

Bed size - King, preferably, a Queen in a pinch.  My mother-in-law replaced the Queen bed in her guest room with a Double and it has led to a huge amount of angst and far fewer overnight visits.

Chore you hate - sorting through clutter.

Dogs - None, at the moment.  I have been a cat person since moving out of my parent's home in '95.  I do enjoy other people's dogs, though.  Well, some other people's dogs.  Entirely depending upon the dog.    

Essential to start your day - About 15 minutes of silence while I ease into being awake by looking at my phone (email, LJ, Google Reader).  Coffee.  More coffee.

Favorite color - Red, categorically, definitively, red.  Red red red.

Gold or Silver - Silver (aside from my wedding rings, which are gold.)

Height - 5'7"

Instruments you play - None, although I had a brief flirtation with the flute and the French horn in school.  I can bang out a few things on the piano. 

Job title -  Lawyer. 

Kids - One boy child (homegrown) age 11, one girl child (aged overseas for a period of 4 years, and then imported at great expense and effort, although completely worth it) currently age 9 going on 25. 

Live - in the ridiculous Midwest, close to one of the Great Lakes...

Mother's Name  - Uh.  MOM.  Obviously.  (Although, funny story - my mother and my step-mother have the SAME given name, which has led to some hilarious misunderstandings through the years.)

Nicknames - None.

Overnight hospital stays - Three nights upon the birth of the boy child (they kept me an extra night because because I was unable to pee, and they wouldn't let me go until I could do so.   I spent 24 hours believing I would never pee without assistance again.  It was a bad day.)  Three nights when, at the age of 37, it was determined that my pesky uterus needed to be evicted.  Do you know that they put women who have had hysterectomies on the same floor as women who are giving birth?  Do you know what sucks when you are in the hospital having your uterus removed at the age of 37?  BABIES CRYING, that's what.  

Pet peeves - self-important megalomania - when someone cuts a line, refuses to follow generally accepted rules, talks loudly in public on their cell phone, beeps and gestures wildly at a car in front of them even though that car has no control over the general traffic pattern, that kind of thing.  Also, popcorn husks in my teeth. 

Quote from a movie - "I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How've you been?"  (Martin Blank (John Cusack) in Grosse Point Blank..."Not my daughter, you bitch!" (Molly Weasley (Julie Walters) in HP Deathly Hallows II..."I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses."  (Severus Snap (Alan Rickman) in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Right or left handed - Right.  

Siblings - Five, all younger.  My youngest sibling is almost exactly 10 years younger than me, the rest are spaced fairly evenly between us. 

Underwear - Yes. please, almost always.  Cotton, thanks, but pretty if possible.

Vegetables you hate - Fennel. Endive. Eggplant, Spinach.  (Incidentally, these are all my mom's favorites...not sure what that says about me, or my mother.  I generally like my  mother, though.)

What makes you run late - My children.  My inate laziness. 

X-rays you've had - I fell ice-skating when was around 12, and my lady parts have been scanned with a variety of scans, although I don't think an actual x-ray was involved, all sorts of other scans, though. 

Yummy food that you make - Cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, chicken saltimboca, spaghetti with meat sauce, curried beef stew, triple chocolate bundt cake, pancakes, waffles, peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  

Zoo animal - Otters, I love otters. Also, monkeys.

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