A while back [livejournal.com profile] vanessagalore, suggested I read "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. I finally got around to taking up her suggestion, and MY GOD, this book is GOOD. Wow. I have been sucked into this book like no other book since...um...Harry Potter, possibly. I have not finished it, so, no spoilers, please.

My husband and I took the kids to Chicago for the weekend, for no reason whatsoever except that they had Friday off. We had a lovely time, went to the Museum of Science and Industry, the American Girl Doll store (where I caved and purchased a doll for my daughter*) and ate yummy Vietnamese food at a very authentic restaurant across from the Argyle 'L' stop, and poked around a toy and game expo at Navy Pier. As luck would have it, there was a gigantic holiday parade on Michigan Avenue on Saturday night and it was probably fabulous, but the crowds were crazy so we decided to go find dinner instead.

I'm hungry for Leverage and Burn Notice fic. Anybody have anything to rec? Also, I'm curious to find some quality QAF fic? I'd love to see a Brian/Lindsey fic...I know that's weird. (But, I mean, there is a LOT of slash fic for non-canon pairings on other shows - wouldn't this mean there might be some straight fic from Queer as Folk fans? Somebody has to have written a Brian/Lindsey fic somewhere, right? Or not...)

* My daughter is Vietnamese, and I kind of have a beef with the fact that the American Girl dolls who are supposed to be Asian don't do a very good job at looking actually Asian. Karito kids does a better job with a doll whose eyes and skin tone match my daughters'...and she has Ling (the Karito Kids doll) - but she desperately wanted this other doll. Sigh.

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What sort of Leverage fic are you looking for? I might be able to find a few that would interest you.

Even when I was getting into American Girl, I was always disappointed with the way all of the dolls looked. Then again, I'm that girl who squealed when there was a Barbie that looked more like me than anything (it always had to be the sort of Hispanic looking, but not really.)

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I'm looking for anything Eliot-centric, or Parker/Hardison happiness. :-)

It's funny, one of the dolls that I thought looked most like my daughter was apparently supposed to be Hispanic...(well, the eyes were all wrong, but the skin tone and the hair was right.)

From: [identity profile] afrocurl.livejournal.com

I am a little fried right now (I cold on top of work), but here are all of the Leverage fics from AO3. I think you should be able to find something there that fits.

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The Hunger Games is fucking awesome. I started the first book a couple of months ago, and about 1/3 of the way in, I DLed the next two so I wouldn't have to wait to read them once I'd finished the first. When you're finished, there's a writer on ff.net (I know...) who writes really good Hunger Games AUs.

My girls are getting American Girl dolls from my mom for Christmas, so I've been perusing, and I'm also a little bothered by the fact that Ivy only seems to exist as an extension of her blonde friend Julie (although I love the Julie doll, since she resembles young me in so many ways...). My oldest was looking through the catalog and decided that she wants the one with light, light blonde hair, even though her own hair more closely matches what AG calls "caramel." I'm torn now.

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I really think there are more dolls in the store than there are in the catalogue, but I could be wrong. (It was CRAZY in there, seriously, completely, utterly insane. There were so many people it was overwhelming. I couldn't decide if it was just because it was Saturday or because a lot of people were downtown for the holiday parade, or both.)

L~ really hated the Ivy doll, and I'm not sure why. She really objected to Ivy's bangs, in particular. She was adamant that Ivy looked nothing like her, at ALL. Ivy is the only one who really seems to have almond shaped eyes, though. We ended up with one of the "Just Like Me" dolls.

I have requested the next two books from the library. I am just devouring this book. I just came to a very sad part and I cried...

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The insanity at the store was probably mostly the parade--people coming in from out of town and deciding to kill two birds with one trip downtown. :)

I think I cried two or three times per book. You need to finish them soon so we can discuss!

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I found your journal through your VM fic (which was recommended by vanessagalore)...I live in the Chicago area, too, and I just don't understand the AG obsession. I don't think they are that cute. Of course, I took my 5 yo for her b-day anyway - she got the Bitty Twins. I went in July and the store was still insanely packed. She got totally overwhelmed - as did I. Anyway, thanks for great fic!


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