I read this article this morning, Why I Love Weird Porn, which has very little to do with loving weird porn, and much more to do with appreciating communities that the Internet has fostered/allowed to flourish.

The author says, "There's a term in the fan fiction community, "drawerfic". It arises from the answer to "What was your first fanfic?" given by everyone who grew up pre-internet: "This thing I wrote in a notebook when I was 14 and kept in a drawer and never showed anyone." Every little girl making porn (and not all fic writers are girls and not all fanfic is porn, but they mostly are and an awful lot of it is) thought she was the only one. Her creativity came pre-stifled and then it was back to Gilligan's Island. Fan fiction only became a community, became huge, when these girls began meeting, began corresponding, began exchanging fictions as gifts and trades. First in homemade zines, then exploding beyond all measure on the internet. Now it's one of the largest gift economies on earth, with untold millions of words a day being exchanged, people (mostly women) making things in exchange for other things people made. There's your cognitive surplus right there."

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