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( Nov. 21st, 2010 10:21 pm)
A while back [ profile] vanessagalore, suggested I read "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. I finally got around to taking up her suggestion, and MY GOD, this book is GOOD. Wow. I have been sucked into this book like no other book Potter, possibly. I have not finished it, so, no spoilers, please.

My husband and I took the kids to Chicago for the weekend, for no reason whatsoever except that they had Friday off. We had a lovely time, went to the Museum of Science and Industry, the American Girl Doll store (where I caved and purchased a doll for my daughter*) and ate yummy Vietnamese food at a very authentic restaurant across from the Argyle 'L' stop, and poked around a toy and game expo at Navy Pier. As luck would have it, there was a gigantic holiday parade on Michigan Avenue on Saturday night and it was probably fabulous, but the crowds were crazy so we decided to go find dinner instead.

I'm hungry for Leverage and Burn Notice fic. Anybody have anything to rec? Also, I'm curious to find some quality QAF fic? I'd love to see a Brian/Lindsey fic...I know that's weird. (But, I mean, there is a LOT of slash fic for non-canon pairings on other shows - wouldn't this mean there might be some straight fic from Queer as Folk fans? Somebody has to have written a Brian/Lindsey fic somewhere, right? Or not...)

* My daughter is Vietnamese, and I kind of have a beef with the fact that the American Girl dolls who are supposed to be Asian don't do a very good job at looking actually Asian. Karito kids does a better job with a doll whose eyes and skin tone match my daughters'...and she has Ling (the Karito Kids doll) - but she desperately wanted this other doll. Sigh.


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