Day 15 - Favorite Male Character

No question here, hands down, my favorite male tv character is, of course,

LOGAN ECHOLLS (Veronica Mars)

I have never been so intrigued by a character. I have never before purchased a piece of jewelry or clothing for the sole purpose of dressing up my spouse in the style of a character (okay, okay...there was a suit and fedora that I approved the purchase of because it made my husband look a bit like a character in an old Humphrey Bogart film, HOWEVER, that one was HIS idea, I just went along with it.) My husband refuses to wear the Logan-style shell necklace I bought him, sadly...though my 10 year old is in possession of it and wears it happily. (I'm not sure what that says about me or my Logan obsession...)

Here are some fabulous Logan quotes from Season 1 (as always, I am incapable of making videos so I'm borrowing from other YouTube users...)

Runner's up for favorite male character:

WEEVIL NAVARRO (Veronica Mars)

TIG' TRAGER (Sons of Anarchy)

Kurt Sutter (producer of SOA) is extremely proprietary about footage from his show, so I cannot find any YouTube clips of the best Tig scenes, but here is a video of Kim Coates, who plays Tig, talking about his character (warning, spoilers for all three seasons of SOA)

From: [identity profile]

You bought your husband a shell necklace? Hee. Mine wouldn't wear a necklace of any mind unless his life depended on it, although he's got the smart mouth and the f-ed up childhood (although not the money, unfortunately).

From: [identity profile]

Yes, I bought him a shell necklace. :-) I bought it for him when we were on vacation at the beach. He wore it once or twice that week (with the caveat that he was only wearing it because "things are different in Jamaica"), but he has refused to wear it since. (He loves watches of all kinds but he otherwise does not wear jewelry except his wedding ring...)


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